Monday, February 11, 2013

Marietta Mardi Gras 5K

Ran my first race of the season this past weekend.  I'm not nearly the awesome runner I used to be, but this stuff is cyclic with me, it comes and goes with the seasons.   Motivation has not been my friend since the Ironman either as I find it really hard to lace up the shoes and even go on short distance runs.

Fortunately my friend Heather is a great motivator and a new runner, so we can ease into the running gig once again.  The race was very fun and despite a few select hills, we kicked major butt. Mainly though, I was super proud of Heather for doing not only her first 5K but electing to dress silly while we did it.  My philosophy being, if you aren't going to win then have fun doing it!

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